Why Pilates?

anne-still--2_med“Pilates helps thousands of people every day to move better, feel better and perform at their best. This wonderful exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates strengthens muscles, develops flexibility, increases co-ordination and improves health and well being.

We have classes to suit every ability and goal from the elite athlete who wants to be at the top of their discipline, injury free, to the ordinary person who wants to go about their daily routine in a strong and pain free manner and also to those who want to lose weight and tone up.  Age is not an issue. Personal training is available in a tranquil private setting.”

Anne Sexton

Why PilatesWhy Pilates?

  • Long lean strong yet flexible muscles.
  • Strong injury free spine.
  • Creates balance and flexibilty between all muscles in the body.
  • Prevents injury and helps increase bone density.
  • Creates a very aestheticaly pleasing body.
  • All ages and fitness can participate.


For more information or to book in for training you can contact Anne at 087 269 8375 or email her at anne@pilatesreformerclasses.ie


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