I started Anne’s mat and reformer classes in the middle of last year after a back injury. The classes initially provided relief from pain, which was very welcome, and over time the classes have helped me gain a level of strength in my back (and elsewhere) that wasn’t there before the injury.

Anne is an excellent instructor; she always focuses on ensuring that your posture, breathing and general technique are correct. If you’re thinking of starting or returning to Pilates you won’t find better than Anne – and this even includes her ‘nice’ exercises

Sinead Jackson


Highly recommend classes, feeling great after joining transformation class only 2.5 weeks ago, healthy diet, 20 mins exercise a day, I’m 11.5lbs down already, hoping to hit the 1stone on Saturday, thanks Anne!

Karen Byrne


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I first went to Anne when the twins were six weeks old, now they are ten months. Anne works me really hard, but she is very nurturing in her approach. I feel strong and fit, and I’m back into my pre pregnancy clothes, five children and six years later I feel great.

Arabella Annesley


Fantastic classes and whole lifestyle change! Would definitely recommend all the classes!

Clara Cronin


Has made such a difference to both body and soul. Can’t recommend her enough
Des Kelly
When you start to think about training as a Pilates instructor, & you have a look in Google, it is a bit of a minefield – there are so many courses out there, so it is always useful to get a recommendation from someone who has been there, done that…
Well, I have been there, done that, and I simply could not recommend Anne Sexton Pilates highly enough.
I have nearly twenty years’ experience working in the fitness and leisure industry, & only, relatively recently, made the decision to retrain as a Pilates instructor.
With her support, guidance & unparalleled knowledge, Anne has helped steer me as a Pilates instructor. I now teach mat, reformer, tower, barre, pilates on the TRX & on the ball. Because Pilates is so functional, it has not only replaced gym training for me, but also gives me so much more.
It is easy to be passionate about something you really believe in.
I can see how pilates benefits everyone, I can feel how much pilates has benefited me.
If you are thinking about training as a Pilates instructor, look no further than Anne Sexton Pilates. You won’t look back!
       Lynn Anthony, Instructor

For more information or to book in for training you can contact Anne at 087 269 8375 or email her at anne@pilatesreformerclasses.ie

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