Take your passion for Pilates to the next level and start your Pilates Teacher Training journey by joining the Anne Sexton Teacher Training School! Training to become a Pilates Teacher is a fantastic step for those who are looking to change career direction or looking to spice up their existing resumes.

If you love Pilates, then why not make it into a career? They say when you love your work, it won’t feel like work at all! This is very much applicable to a career in Pilates, as you will find yourself enjoying the physical and mental benefits of regular Pilates exercise.

Are you tired of being stuck behind a desk working from 9-5? If so, a career in Pilates may be ideal for you; as an instructor, you will have the freedom and mobility to be able to work at studios of your choosing or even to set up your very own studio and business! The flexible schedule of a Pilates Instructor is perhaps one of its biggest attractions – as an instructor it is possible to set your own schedule to a certain point. It will be your decision if you want to teach from home, at gyms, or at a studio.

Pilates is also a great way to condition and strengthen the entire body! In deepening your own knowledge of techniques and routines as well as anatomy and movement, you will find that you perform the exercises more accurately! In teaching other people, you will also experience the self-fulfillment and satisfaction of being able to influence people’s lives and bodies in a very positive way.


If you would like to deepen your knowledge and ignite your passion, be bold and take the next step to enroll with Anne Sexton Pilates Teacher Training school! Become a professional Pilates instructor and make a career out of something you love!

Our Mat I Teacher Training course on February 2nd, 3rd & 4th is a standalone course that can be taken as a way to kickstart your journey to become a Pilates Mat Teacher, or as the first module of the PMA-standardised 450 hour comprehensive Teacher Training course.

For more information, please see our Teacher Training Page, or contact Anne at annesextonpilates@gmail.com

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