One of our most frequently asked questions by new and prospective clients is “what class is most suitable for me”? And most frequently our answer is to start with Beginner Mat Pilates classes. At Beginner Mat Pilates classes you will learn the fundamental principles of the Pilates method. Simply put, during a Beginner Mat Pilates you will lay the foundations to progress with confidence to Intermediate Mat, or to Reformer classes. While it is not mandatory to attend Beginner Mat to start Reformer, we find our clients get more value and benefit having done so. By no means does Beginner mean its easy, even the strongest and fittest have been challenged at our Beginner Mat classes.

Anne Sexton Pilates instructors teach a foundation level yet very comprehensive Beginner Mat repertoire during class which is close to the original repertoire as created by Joseph Pilates, incorporating where required client specific modifications for beginners or injuries etc. The classes are heavily focused on engaging your core muscles (your “Powerhouse”) and developing a strong flexible spine.

As always if you come to Anne Sexton Pilates, your health history and specific background will always be considered and catered for. All new clients are requested to complete a confidential Client Screening Form.

Beginner Mat Classes are available at both Roundwood and South Beach Studios, at the following times;

Roundwood Studio

  • Beginner Mat Class Mondays 10am with Senior Pilates Instructor Matthew Cox
  • “Introduction to Pilates” Mat Class Mondays 8pm with Pilates Instructor Elaine Lawlor

South Beach Studio

  • Beginner Mat Class Mondays 10.45am with Anne Sexton
  • Beginner Mat Class Mondays 7pm with Senior Pilates Instructor Matthew Cox
  • Beginner Mat Class Wednesdays 10.45am with Anne Sexton
  • Beginner Mat Class Thursdays 6pm with Pilates Instructor Lina Power


Follow this link to book your first class, remember your first trial class is just €10.

We look forward to welcoming you to Anne Sexton Pilates! See you soon,

Anne & the Team

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