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Take your passion for Pilates to the next level and start your Pilates Teacher Training journey by joining the Anne Sexton School.

Do you love Pilates? Are you awestruck everyday by how it makes you feel? How it allows you to move? How it makes you look? Do you, like Joseph and Clara Pilates, aspire to teach people the Pilates technique and change their lives? Are you committed to keeping the Pilates method at the forefront of peoples lives enabling them to “go about their daily lives with minimum effort and maximum pleasure” Joseph Pilates.

Would you like to deepen your knowledge and ignite your passion. Be bold, take the next step and enroll with Anne Sexton Pilates Teacher Training school! Become a professional Pilates instructor and make a career out of something you love.

Our Mission

At Anne Sexton Pilates we endeavour to provide a nurturing and learning environment where people can come together and experience the truly life changing practice of Pilates.  It is our commitment to pass on the life work of Joseph and Clara Pilates in its true classical form, empowering people to take control of their lives and bodies, allowing them to in the words of Joseph Pilates “go about their daily lives with minimum effort and maximum pleasure”.

It is our promise to stay at the top of our profession, to provide each and every one with the very best in practice and education, and to inspire lives through Pilates.

Our commitment is to you, our customer, whom without you we would not be!

Pilates Teacher Training

With our comprehensive 450hour Pilates Teacher Training programm students spend six months training in the principles and history of the Pilates Method according to the classic teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates.  We keep up to date with advances in science. Our course covers  the full Pilates repertoire on all the apparatus including Mat, Reformer, Trapeze, Barrel, Chair, Props and Barre. Our Pilates Teacher Training meets the Pilates Method Alliance criteria. ” PMA is a not for profit professional association  set up in 2001 dedicated to the Pilates field, setting standards for safety and competency. Its purpose is to provide an organization to connect teachers, teacher trainers, studios, and facilities dedicated to preserving and enhancing the legacy of Joseph H. Pilates and his exercise method by establishing standards, encouraging unity, and promoting professionalism” PMA


Principles of Pilates

It is essential that Teachers understand the philosophy of Pilates and the overall vision of health and well-being that was so very important to Joseph Pilates and essential for us as teachers  to grasp so that we can understand and  past on,  his exercises with the debpt and context that he intended and that forms the  very essence  of “Contrology” It is paramount that we understand and adhere to the 3 guiding principles and  the Philosophy of Pilates set out by Joseph Pilates in his 1945 book Return to Life through Contrology; Whole Body Health, Whole Body Movement and Breath. We must understand the Pilates Movement principles and they should be present in every Pilates movement that we perform.

  • Whole body movement
  • Breath
  • Balanced muscle development
  • Control
  • Concentration
  • Centering
  • Precision
  • Flow

Our school brochure will give you a understanding of our school principles, the course content, study requirement and schedule.  You can click on link below to download  our schools Pilates Teacher Training Brochure

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If you have any question or would like to speak to Anne; phone +353 87 2698375, or email annesextonpilates@gmail.com

Full Listing of Modules

Pilates at the Barre – August 25th 2019

Six hour workshop presented by Katrin Neue, Dance Educator. This Pilates based Barre training emphasizes the correct bio-mechanics of movement to increase strength, flexibility and stability.This course marries perfectly the myriad of benefits of these two disciplines. Ballet and Pilates share a history and principles i.e. control, centering, precision, focus, breath, posture. It is a program geared for all movement teachers, no dance experience required.(Elective)

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Mat I – October 12th – 13th 2019

Pilates Mat I is the foundation of the Pilates Method, a thorough understanding of Pilates Mat and the proficient execution of the exercises is essential before moving on to the apparatus. Appropriate time to learn and perfect each exercise is required before teaching the method.  Mat I includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, it covers professionalism: scope of practice&/ ethics.  The Classical Pilates, Beginner exercises and introduction to intermediate level exercises with modifications, precautions and contraindications. An understanding of Classical vs. Contemporary. An overview of anatomy and movement principles.

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Mat II – November 2nd – 3rd 2019

Mat II includes the remaining intermediate and level II exercises as well as the use of props for advancing clients or providing appropriate modifications.  More proficiency will be attained by the religious practice and strict adherence of the Pilates principles learned and perfected during Mat I and the hours of self practice and observation.

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Mat III – February 22nd – 23rd 2020

Matt III  incorporates all of the Classical repertoire taking each exercise to its most advanced level bringing in the use of props, modifications, precautions and contraindications. A thorough understanding and proficient execution of levels I and II are prerequisites for Matt III.

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Anatomy and Movement Principles 

An introduction to the principles of movement Science and Anatomy and the primary muscles of the body involved in Pilates movement.  Training includes an introduction to Pilates movement and exercises with in depth overview of the muscles and joints, an over view of the skeleton and its function, Posture alignment and breathing. You will learn Precautions and Contraindications for Pilates programming giving the teacher a clear understanding of what is within their of scope of practice and when they should refer to a more qualified professional.  It is designed to give the necessary skills to understand and teach and put together a safe, effective and appropriate Pilates programme.


Reformer I – November 16th – 17th 2019

Reformer II – November 30th – December 1st 2019

Reformer III – February 8th – 9th 2020

The Reformer is easily the best known of Joseph Pilates apparatus, with correct use of body position and spring setting it can support the novice or rehab client or offer a extremely challenging work out for the elite athlete. This 3 part Reformer course sets out to give the aspiring teacher a thorough understanding of the Reformer how body position and spring setting are used to give the body a unique workout in every plane of movement, taking the muscles through their full ranges of movement eccentrically and concentrically. Reformer I, II & III includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, beginner and intermediate and advanced exercises, session sequencing and teaching cues for group classes and individual tuition. You will learn modifications designed for group and individual instruction as well as technique for teaching clients at different levels of ability.

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Trapeze Table/Tower – March 7th – 8th 2020

The Trapeze Tower does not move so therefore can be utilized much more readily when working with beginners, in rehab or while working with the elderly. The most amazing stretches and body opening exercises  can be performed with the support of the Trapeze Table. There are many stretches and hanging exercises that are unique to the Cadillac and it is such fun to work with. This course provides a thorough introduction to Trapeze Table/Tower exercises; equipment set up, safety and maintenance.  You will learn how to incorporate the exercises into a client’s session. This training is appropriate for learning Trapeze Table, tower or wall unit exercises

Pilates Chair – January 11th – 12th 2020

The chair is an extremely functional piece of equipment. It has many uses in functional training,  muscle imbalances, and athletic training. Includes exercises and variations for both private training sessions and classes. Covers multiple exercises on this very adaptable Pilates piece of equipment.

Ladder Barrel – January 25th – 26th 2020

Includes an introduction to the Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel and arc exercises.  We are probably most familiar with the barrel being used for back extension type exercises and it is a marvelous way to perform these, one of Joseph Pilates inventions, it has multiple uses and offers a unique addition to any Pilates routine.



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