Anne Sexton Teacher Training School will be hosting the next Reformer I course on February 10th & 11th at the South Beach Pavilion Studios in Greystones, Co. Wicklow

This course is part one of a 3 part Reformer course which sets out to give the aspiring teacher a thorough understanding of the way in which the Reformer works. In particular, how body position and spring settings are used to give the body a unique workout in every plane of movement, taking the muscles through their full range of movement eccentrically and concentrically. Reformer I, II & III includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises, session sequencing and teaching cues for group classes and individual tuition.

The Reformer is the best known piece of apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates; with the correct use of body position and spring setting, it can support the novice client or rehab client, or offer an extremely challenging workout for the elite athlete. Though the Reformer has been in use since the early 1900’s, in recent years it has exploded in popularity and been endorsed by celebrities such as Kate Hudson and athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as anyone who can get themselves to a Reformer studio. With this explosion of popularity, there is a never-ending shortage of good Pilates Reformer instructors.

This course is targeted to aspiring Reformer Pilates Teachers with Mat training completed and certified Pilates Teachers who want to refresh their practice and knowledge. Strictly limited to 10 participants, and each student works on their own Reformer throughout the course.

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This course is presented by Anne Sexton

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