“Happy Gut, Happy Health”  -13th September, 11.30am a date for your diary.


Anne Sexton Pilates will host a talk by Caroline Seale, Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medical Practitioner and owner of Discover Nutrition. The Nutrition and Health clinic is based in Sobe, Greystones. Caroline will be involved with the Nutritional section of our 4 in 1 Plan starting 25th September.  Caroline holds a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, she also featured in the Irish Times and local press and radio.  She  works part time at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health in Bray.  It was Caroline’s health journey to recovery from M.E. that led her to change career so she could focus her time on sharing her learnings on how we can embrace lifestyle changes to enjoy a life full of vibrant good health.
More info visit www.discovernutrition.ie

The Happy Gut, Happy Health talk will cover the following topics.

*Introduction to functional medicine and how our body systems are all interconnected
*The important role of our digestive system and how it connects to our health
*Foods to eat and foods to avoid for a gut that’s happy!
*The effect of stress on the gut
*Weekly meal plan options, shopping list and recipes for great gut health

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