Are you suffering from back pain, recovering from specific/chronic injuries, or are you plagued by achey deconditioned muscles? Are you keen to improve your back strength and flexibility? Have you been thinking of starting Pilates? Then our  Back Care classes would be an ideal fit for you!

We believe in, and practice  the whole body principles and approach of Joseph  & Clara Pilates’ Classical teachings. With that in mind we endeavor to ensure that all our clients live in balanced, healthy bodies. Our modern lives mean we frequently have issues with our backs, causing pain and achey muscles. Repetitive everyday activities can cause havoc with our backs and create imbalances in our muscle development – everyday actions such as sitting, slouching, and unilateral sports (golf, tennis) running on uneven surfaces, can all contribute to the strain and overuse of certain muscles in the back.

Our specialised Back Care Pilates classes have a strong focus on shoulder and hip girdle placement, hip stabilisation, and spinal flexibility and core strength. The principles of Pilates are core to the class, and this class will ensure that clients progress to a stronger, balanced,  more flexible back and spine, all the while getting a solid foundation in Mat and Reformer Pilates practices. These classes are fantastic standalone classes for those wishing to recover from injury, or can be used as a bridge to the general classes.

Back Care Team;

Our Back Care classes are designed by Anne Sexton and Matthew Cox. Anne has over 18 years teaching Pilates and was introduced to Pilates while rehabilitating from a serious neck and back injury. Matthew Cox is a Neuromuscular Therapist who has a special interest in the spine and the role it plays in posture and all over body wellness and will ensure your back is in the best hands.


Our specialised back care classes take place at the following times:

Monday @ 6pm

Tuesday @ 10:45am

Thursday @ 10:45am

Thursday @ 7pm

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