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Universal Reformer


The Universal Reformer is the most multifaceted piece of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. The Reformer works on every part of the body and in virtually every plane of movement. One of it’s unique features is the use of eccentric contractions, where the muscles have to resist a force as they lengthen. The Reformer can work on isolated muscle groups or with much more difficult complex excerises, use practically the muscles of the whole body. The list of excerises and movements are endless and can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels and goals.

Pilates Mat 

The Pilates Mat Class is very important in learning and acquiring the necessary skills to make your Pilates training as effective and enjoyable as possible. Without the distraction of equipment, you can focus on all the essential components of Pilates, breathing, centering, control, balance, concentration, stabilisation and movement with flow and precision.


Stability Ball


The Stability Ball adds to the challenge in creating an unstable surface, thus encouraging more muscles to activate; to stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder.  Improving core alignment and muslce strength, flexibilty and coordination and increases musclar indurance and balance. The instability of the ball makes the user work hard to stabilise and balance. A really fun and challenging class.

Kettle Bells

Kettle bells were used by old time strong men over 100 years ago. They originated from Russia. It is a total body workout using the entire body in a very functional way. This class uses a series of explosive swinging exercises requiring whole body integration, core stabilization and the elevation of the heart rate to work the entire body. This is a tough class using High IntensityTraining Techniques and circuits; hard work, but worth it.



TRX suspension training uses your own body weight and gravity to build and improve core strength, balance, flexibilty, endurance and power. It also helps to loose weight. It builds strength and power and can really help in athletic training and in building bone density. It was developed by the Navy Seals. In the words of the makers of TRX “Make your body your Machine”.


Circuit Training

The Circuit Training Class incorporates all the Pilates equipment in a “tough love” setting ensuring you work hard. A high intensity all effort class using HITT intervals to help you get the most out of your work out. A good level of fitness and a working knowledge of the different pieces of equipment used is required. A real challange.


Galileo Vibration Plate

Whole body vibration training

The Galileo Vibration Plate activates 95 to 97% of muscle fibres as opposed to a max of 70% in conventional training. Benefits include, improved muscle strength, weight loss, cellulite reduction, pain dampening, stress reduction, activated circulation, improved coordination and increased bone density. It can be used to improve athletic performance or in the care of the elderly. In just fifteen minutes, two or three times a week you will see fast easy results.


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