Are you an established or aspiring Pilates Teacher or fitness professional? Do you train sports teams?

Anne Sexton Teacher Training Pilates School will be running a Pilates at the Barre training course on 27th January 2018.

Many athletes, such as professional rugby league team the Wigan Warriors, have turned to barre-based fitness programs to help their athletes with knee and ankle injuries. Ballet barre is a fantastic way to build strength, flexibility, balance, and agility, and providing great benefits to athletes. Read all about the wonderful strengthening benefits of barre for athletes here, and watch football players take on there new barre routine here!

The principles of Pilates at the Barre are;

  • Skeletal Structure
  • Movement of the Spine
  • Pelvic girdle Placement
  • Abdominal Connection
  • Core Stabilisation
  • Shoulder girdle Placement
  • Foot, Ankle, Knee & Hip strength, Mobility, and injury prevention

These principles are studied and perfected to implement proper standing alignment and the ability to maintain optimal postural movement. The goal is to provide the body with correct positioning to increase healthy joint movement and muscle development. The challenge for the client is to develop these principles to increase the ease of movement in daily life, decrease problems with joints and muscles and to improve their level of fitness and well-being and to improve functional posture.

This course will run from 12.30 – 6.30pm 27th January at Anne Sexton Pilates at South Beach Pavilion Greystones.

This course is a PMA recognised course. This is an elective part of the PMA 450 hour comprehensive training certification, and provides a great basis for fitness instructors to teach their own barre classes or to incorporate barre techniques into their own routines.

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