At Anne Sexton Pilates we believe in the whole body principles and approach of Joseph Pilates Classical teachings, and with that in mind we want to ensure all our clients live in balanced healthy bodies. Our modern lives mean we frequently have issues with our back. Sports injuries and other injuries also leave us with issues with our back. Whether you are suffering back pain, recovering from an specific injury, or keen to improve your back strength and flexibility this class is specifically for you.

Our specialised Back Care Pilates classes have a strong focus on shoulder and hip girdle placement, hip stabilisation, and spinal flexibility. The principles of Pilates are core to the class, and this class will ensure that clients progress to a stronger more flexibly back and spine, all the while getting a solid foundation in Mat and Reformer Pilates practices.

Our Back Care classes are led by Senior Pilates Instructor Matthew Cox, who’s specialised background in Neuromuscular Therapy will ensure your back is in the best hands.




Why not join Matthew in our Roundwood or South Beach Studios for our Back Care Pilates Classes, which take place at the following times;


  • Mondays 6pm – 6.50pm South Beach Pavilion Studio
  • Tuesdays 10.45am – 11.35am South Beach Pavilion Studio
  • Thursdays 6pm – 6.50pm Roundwood Studio


We look forward to welcoming you to Anne Sexton Pilates soon.

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